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Thanks so much for all your help. I absolutely love my Red Bed not only does it look amazing, I really feel I benefit from the red light. My skin feels great and I think it aids healing and alleviates aches and pains.Your delivery guys were wonderful and didn't moan once about having to take it to the top of the house and around a tricky staircase. Not only were the polite but very knowledgeable and helpful.Thanks once again, I will keep you posted on my progress. - Kindest regards Sandee - 26/07/2012

I wanted to leave a good write up on the Amazon page for you as it is so appreciated when a seller is prompt and providing quality of a high standard..There didnt seem to be a feed back choice for me to do that at the moment but if it changes I will be writing not only a good write up of your customer service but also a good write up of the lamp itself as I am enjoying using it so much as I find it therapeutic and relaxing I know its early days yet but my skin seems to look tighter already ,, The proof being that when I went to my belly dance class had 3 coments by 3 different woman saying that" I was looking well "(fantastic) ..I am using the lamp with the red light -st system face spray face cream and body lotion which smellls amazing..If the results of using the lamp continue to improve my skin I will deffinately be buying a complete bed. But for now I would like to thank you for my purchase I am one extremely happy customer. - Mandy