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Collagen Plus Model

What is Photo Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy?

Photo Rejuvenation or Red Light Therapy is the use of light to create an anti-aging effect on the skin and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest,fastest and most affordable ways to achieve younger, more vibrant looking skin.

Why use Red Light Therapy?

It’s non-invasive, requires no surgery, no harsh chemicals, no lasers, there is no downtime or recovery time, it’s safe for all skin types, and most importantly IT WORKS! It is today’s natural skin care at its finest. The process is also universally known as the ‘no knife face-lift’.

This unit is fitted with the latest special long life collagen plus lamps for superior results ( 2000hr life) with a higher percentage output 500% increase in light emission as compared to standard collagen lamps. .