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Collagen Full Body Unit

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Collagen Facial Unit

COLLAGEN LIGHT BOX - It is not a tanning lamp it is not an infrared lamp

Light BoxWhat is it and What does it do ?

It's a new innovative fashionable and functional - fitted with 12 collagen light therapy tubes the unit is shaped to reach the face and neckline area.

This product enables the user to make their skin look more beautiful and younger without using expensive creams, gels or injections.

The special red light of the lamps stimulates production of collagen in your skin.

Collagen is the major factor for keeping elasticity and strength in the skin, the stimulating effect of collagen production has been scientifically proven in several studies*,  a shortage of collagen in the skin also increases risks of cellulite and muscle and bone weakness, in general it's good for the whole body so the product has a lot of advantages. - Dimension Open: H48 - W44 - D20

Dimension Closed: H48 - W26 - D20